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A peek in our mail bag

Posted Monday, December 5, 2011, at 12:06 PM

This lovely letter was left at the library. We just HAD to share it. To whomever wrote it: Thank you and it was our pleasure to serve you.

"Dear Spencer residents:

I'm a local person, but not a resident of Spencer. I just wanted to share how much I LOVE going to your library.

My mother cane from a long line of women who love the library. It is a magic place where you can choose a book, a magazine, an audiobook, or DVD and take it home and enjoy.

Besides the educational value of course, we are able to borrow the latest video games, e-books and movies too. It also satisfies my urge to "shop" and bring things home, yet I'm not spending any money and we get to return everything so there is no clutter in my house! The online calendar on the website is very helpful too - I print it out, circle the events I'd like to attend and I mark when my items are due back so I am not late.

The library also has many wonderful programs, I could go on and on.

I encouraged a friend with very young children to check out her local library and she couldn't believe all that they had to offer, even more than here since she's in a city.

It's never too early to start you children on the library, even go for yourself if you don't have kids. There are wonderful and (usually) free programs for children and adults. You can pick out a sunny corner and sit and read while the children choose their books or attend a program. For kids, the library even reinforces responsibility and taking care of other people's belongings.

Libraries have changed for the better if you haven't gone in years!

Thanks to the Spencer librarians and their supporters for all you do!

A very grateful visitor in NW Iowa"

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