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What Really Happens At The Library?

Posted Monday, May 2, 2011, at 12:38 PM

So, what do you REALLY think about the library and what happens here? Here are some of the most common (and might I add, silly) misconceptions about the public library...

1. You'll be yelled at if you don't whisper.

People, you should have been here when the ZooMobile came to visit last summer!

2. It takes a long time for libraries to get newly released books, movies and games processed and on their shelves.

In fact, it takes us only three days at the most from the time we get new stuff til it's ready for you to check out.

3. Libraries love it when people donate the old books they have stored away in boxes in their basement or garage.

This, personally, is my favorite misconception. The old books you don't want, we don't want either. Please resist the temptation to drop them off under cover of night. We do have cameras now. We can see you.

4.All female librarians are cranky spinsters who take out their unhappiness on the people who come to use the library.

The majority of people who work as librarians these days are friendly customer service oriented folks! Especially here. In addition (and not that it's really any of your business) most of us aren't spinsters, aren't unhappy, and are more likely to take out our crankiness on close friends and family -- just like the everybody else.

5.Reference librarians are no longer necessary since everyone knows how to find what they need with Google.

The web is too big for people to actually be saying something like that these days. Librarians are good at finding information on the "hidden web" plus we have databases for which the library has paid subscription fees. You can't get that info anywhere else.

6.Volunteers are just as capable of running the library as librarians.

Volunteers have good intentions, but definitely not the expertise, training or work experience. Most volunteers contribute only a small number of hours per week, but the library is much more complex than that.

7.The librarian decides what items should be added to the library's collection by reading each book and viewing each DVD before making a final decision. ....Give me a minute to finish laughing...almost wet my pants. There are not enough hours in the day.

8.The library doesn't provide materials in digitized format for people with e-readers. Oh, but we do! Be sure to check out WILBOR on our homepage or call the library and ask your friendly librarian about the program

For more information as to what's going on at the library this month, check out our calendar at spencerlibrary.com

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