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The Dome Theater AT SPL! (07/18/14)

C4L & Associates (07/09/14)

Upcoming June Events @ SPL (06/18/14)

June Events At SPL. (06/18/14)

Adult Summer Reading Program (05/13/14)

May Adult Programs at Spencer Public Library (04/15/14)

Comic Strip and Graphic Art Program @ Library! (04/08/14)

Youth Services Events Coming This April! (03/31/14)

Join Us At Family Fest! (02/21/14)

Teen and Children's Events at the Library This Month (01/15/14)

August Programming (07/31/13)

Reed Adds Library Amendment to Immigration Bill (06/24/13)

Audio Book Appreciation Month! (06/21/13)

"Groundbreaking Reads" at Spencer Public Library (05/30/13)

How the library Can Help You to Find a Job! (05/09/13)

World Book Night (04/10/13)

Are You Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse? (03/21/13)

Chasing 4 Life (03/19/13)

Purple Tornadoes and Other Things That Fall From the Sky (03/18/13)

Everybody Has To Play By The Same Rules (12/13/12)

Book Newsletters, Book Clubs, Book Discussions at Your Fingertips (09/13/12)

Love of Reading is Alive and Well in Spencer! (06/20/12)

Evolution (05/08/12)

"It's Alright To Be Little Bitty" (04/24/12)

The Power of Poetry (03/12/12)

And a pox on your dog! A brief history of book curses. (01/16/12)

A peek in our mail bag (12/05/11)

Prepare to get spooked! (10/10/11) 1

Chad Elliott @ the Library! (10/05/11)

The libunemplostal service? (09/20/11) 1

Without Libraries, What do we have? We have no past and no future. (07/18/11)

Summer? Ready. Set. Go! (06/08/11)

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents" * (05/21/11) 2

Population Changes Impact Library (05/16/11)

What Really Happens At The Library? (05/02/11)

Chasing 4 Life @ the Library (04/15/11)

FREE Program: Storm Chasers (04/11/11) 2

We are your local librarians: keepers of the books, defenders of liberty, and superheroes in disguise. We DON'T read all day and we rarely stamp books. We catalog, process, publicize, market, investigate, experiment, deliver, promote, teach, and encourage. We come from a variety of backgrounds, enjoy our daily interactions with the public, and we are here to serve you.
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The Dome Theater AT SPL!
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C4L & Associates
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Upcoming June Events @ SPL
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June Events At SPL.
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Adult Summer Reading Program
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