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Ellen's Dance Dare in Spencer, Iowa 2012

Posted Wednesday, February 8, 2012, at 9:59 AM

For those of you who do not watch "The Ellen Show", you may not be aware of why some people in town are randomly dancing behind people in stores. I have come to educate and clear up the mass confusion of seeing random dancers. Ellen DeGeneres has issued a "dance dare" to her audience. The dare is to capture yourself or others dancing behind people without them realizing what you are doing. That video then can be uploaded to You Tube where Ellen herself views them and places the best ones on her show. My cousin Mike and I jumped at the chance to participate in such a wonderful experience and began showcasing our dance moves around Spencer. For those of you who witnessed our performances, I'm sorry. Ellen made us do it! For those of you who would like to view the dance dare and see if you unknowingly made a cameo appearance, please go to You tube. The link is listed below and is under, "Ellen's Dance Dare 2012 in Iowa". It was worth every weird look and we had so much fun making this video but if we win, we'll have even more fun dancing on Ellen's show!


You can copy and paste this link which will take you directly to the video.

Warning: Music contains explicit material and we hold no responsibly for gut aches acquired by uncontrollable laughter.

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