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Wrapping Christmas Cheer

Posted Tuesday, December 27, 2011, at 2:52 PM

Christmas season is filled with all kinds of wonderful traditions. Making cookies, decorating the tree, driving around to look at the pretty Christmas lights, and visiting Santa. These kinds of things are expected every year and make Christmas fun and cheerful for everyone. However, this year we decided that Christmas needed something extra special. Something never done before for someone special to complete a perfect Christmas season. What better than a Christmas Prank!

We decided to honor this year a very special person whose name is Jenny Rinken. Her home always looks very lovely for the Christmas season and for this Christmas we decided to add to her beautiful festive décor in the form of wrapping paper. Her son Michael and I waited till the coast was clear and spent 3 hours decorating her dining room. By decorating, I mean wrapping everything in her dining room from her chairs, the pictures on the wall, the stockings, her curtains, her mail, the dining room table, and even her Christmas tree. She arrived home later that night and was dumbfounded by our Christmas Spirit. While the whole event made Christmas even more special this year, Jenny surprised us by choosing to keep some of the wrapping paper on her pictures and table for the rest of the holiday. Just goes to show you that Christmas cheer can be spread in all kinds of different ways, even wrapping paper!

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I'm Sorry. I forgot to mention the help of one other person Josh Richardson. Without his help wrapping the tree would not have been possible. Thanks Josh!

-- Posted by leeceyplus3 on Tue, Dec 27, 2011, at 6:49 PM

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