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Animal Laws from 1953

Posted Friday, December 28, 2012, at 9:18 PM

Salsa is reading up on the Animal Laws.
One of the reasons I write this blog is to educate others on responsible ownership of animals. Last week, I was the one getting the education. I am very pleased to have received so many comments regarding the limitation of leash length.

It has been on my ''to do'' list to research Spencer, Iowa's Animal Laws. I felt I knew the important ones, clean up after your dog and always have your dog on a leash. When I was thinking of fostering pit bull type dogs, I did call the Police Department as well as City Hall to make sure there was not a breed ban or certain restrictions on these dogs. I was pleasantly surprised when the answer was ''no''.

When you decide to bring a pet into your family, do you even think about checking what the animal laws are? How would you know what they were? Do you need to register your dog with the city? How do you find this information?

I found them, with the help of Dave Munson, at the City of Spencer's website ( http://www.sterlingcodifiers.com/codeboo.... I encourage you to take a look at them. Something I find shocking is that most of these Ordinances were written in 1953! I think my favorite one is 6-4-5 Hitching To Hydrants, Trees. If you're going to ride your horse to town, don't tie him up to a fire hydrant, telegraph, telephone, electric light or other pole, or to any fence, tree, shrub, or other property. You may just get a ticket!

Obviously we need to revisit some of these laws and bring them literally into the next century. This is something we need to do as a community. What would you like to see in Spencer's Animal Laws? Here's your chance.

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i would like to see tougher penalites country wide for animal abuse and neglect. if an animal dies in your care because of abuse or neglect it should be a felony offense. animals depend on us to be treated humanely. too many people have pets that shouldn't have pets, just like having babys they don't think through the importance of their decision to bring them into their home. thank god for "people for pets" and similar orginizations that pick up the pieces and give them the care and good forever homes. keep up the good work stephanie.

-- Posted by CITIZEN SAM on Wed, Jan 2, 2013, at 7:41 AM

Several individuals walk their dogs along the W 4th st.fence at riverside cemetery and do not remove the landmines left behind by their (rather large)pets - its disgustingly rank in the summertime for those of us who live near by and like to walk the same sidewalks. I would like to see these people clean up after their pets.

-- Posted by SteveJennings on Thu, Jan 3, 2013, at 12:34 PM

I'm in complete agreement with both of you! Animal abuse is a disgusting and disturbing thing to see. It has been found that people that abuse animals will go on to abuse humans. Unfortunately, we don't have animal control in this area and our law enforcement is not equipped to take that on. I think you will see a change in many states animal laws. People are pushing for breed neutral laws which will make the owner responsible for their dogs actions. Many states are also making abuse a felony punishable by jail time and hearty fines. Michigan is taking the lead on this.

And yes, one of my pet peeves is people that don't clean up after their dog. It is a law in Spencer and many other cities as well as just common sense. If you see it happen, take a grocery sack to the owner and ask them kindly to clean it up.

-- Posted by Foster Mom on Thu, Jan 3, 2013, at 6:47 PM

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