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Success! And On The First Try!

Posted Monday, October 1, 2012, at 5:48 PM

SEPR hosted pooch pictures in the park last weekend. We got some great photos at a fraction of the cost and all proceeds went to the rescue.
Boomer and I were delighted to have a walking partner on Sunday. Kirby and his mom came out to walk with us in what turned out to be a very successful first attempt.

When Jean and I met in the parking lot we were sweetly surprised to have 2 calm dogs at our sides. Now I don't know if it was the fact that Boomer already had an exhausting weekend, it was hot, I was packing a pocket full of hot dog pieces, or that Kirby reminded Boomer of his foster bro, Ike, but whatever it was they clicked.

We headed down the road in a parallel fashion with the humans on the inside and the dogs on the outside. Both dogs trotted right along staying focused to the task at hand and never once growled, lunged, or barked at each other or any other distraction for that matter. Boomer and Kirby were not allowed any face to face time, which can quickly turn into a soured introduction, but rather were simply aware of one another's presence. Maybe next time we'll try a little rear sniffing. Thank goodness that is not how we humans get to know one another!

Terriers have a strong prey drive and squirrels can be the target of many hissy fits. Neither Kirby nor Boomer (both of the terrier group) had much of an interest that day. To say we were two proud dog moms would be an understatement.

Jean, Kirby, Boomer and myself are hoping that more people and their dogs will show up this Sunday at 2pm in the Avera Medical Center parking lot. It will be one of the best things you can do for your dog. I promise!

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-- Posted by Cookster on Mon, Oct 1, 2012, at 7:21 PM

And what fun it was! When Kirby and I showed up at the parking lot Sunday, I warned Stephanie that my 21-lb Westie mix has "short man syndrome"-- he gets aggressive with dogs bigger than himself, as though he thinks he has something to prove. (He's fine with smaller dogs)

So we were both on our guard, and I told her I'd probably only go about halfway through the planned walk, then would head back to the parking lot. But after some brief initial rumbling as we first approached, Kirby quickly settled down as he realized we were going to be doing one of his favorite things - walking!

We went the whole hour, and it flew by. Stephanie and I talked all the way, realized we had a past connection from years ago, and stayed in the middle with the dogs trotting along on the outside. There was no drama.

It was a truly enjoyable time, and Kirby and I both got some needed exercise. We're looking forward to being there again this Sunday.

-- Posted by JTennant on Wed, Oct 3, 2012, at 8:16 AM

What beautiful dogs in the picture.

-- Posted by joev on Wed, Oct 17, 2012, at 12:33 PM

Joev, Boomer and Delta are available for adoption through Sioux Empire Pit Rescue. They are both wonderful companions and would love to find their forever home. Check their bio's, pictures, and video at the website under the ''couples'' section. www.pitrescue.weebly.com

-- Posted by Foster Mom on Thu, Oct 18, 2012, at 9:39 AM

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