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Posted Tuesday, August 28, 2012, at 10:39 AM

If you would like to read more about our rescue, you can go to www.pitrescue.weebly.com.
I began fostering for Sioux Empire Pit Rescue 2 years ago. It is a breed specific rescue, meaning we only work with pit bull and pit mixes (based on appearance).

We will only accept pit bull/mixes that are sitting on death row with no one to speak for them but volunteers that spend their time temperament testing, finding a boarding facility, sending out pleas to other rescues and shelters, arranging transportation to a safe home for the dogs, get them properly vetted, and finding the money to do it all.

We get countless pleas from people wanting us to take their dog. ''We're having a baby, we're moving, we just don't have time for him, he doesn't get along with our other dog/cats'', are some of the excuses we hear. The reason we don't take in these dogs is because YOU are their voice. You can do the exact same thing for your dog to find it a home as our rescue does. There is not some magical equation to rehome a pit bull. Post the information and pictures on Facebook, send out emails to your contacts and ask them to crosspost , place ads on Craig's List, tell everyone you know. Then of course the key to a successful adoption is screening the potential owners. We have an adoption application with many questions on it that will clue us in on what energy level dog would fit your family best. We also contact your past or present veterinarian to confirm that your pets have been altered, up to date with their vaccinations, and well cared for. We call personal references that you provide to us and visit with them, as well as a landlord if you are renting. We also check your city ordinances to make sure that there are no bans in place. The final step is doing a home visit. This is not an inspection, but rather us helping to point out things that you may not have considered before.

We do have an adoption fee that helps to cover some of the costs we have into the dog, but I can guarantee you that this is not a money making business. Most of the dogs we get need to be spayed or neutered, brought up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, wormed, heartworm tested and treated if positive, some have skin conditions caused from neglect, some are injured (we've had 2 amputations), and a couple have been affected by babesia which is a tick borne illness with a very risky and costly treatment. Some dogs may have medical bills in the thousands of dollars, thus making the $150 adoption fee seem like pennies.

The best part for the adoptive families is that these dogs have all been living as pets in a home, they have been crate and house trained, our foster families take a lot of pride in their dog getting them ready for adoption. Some have been to obedience classes, some are CGC certified, and they've been worked with enough that their true personalities have bloomed and we can be quite confident when we say, this one can be the only animal in the home, this one needs a strong leader, this one can clear a 5 ft. fence, this one doesn't like his crate, this one will do anything for a piece of hot dog, etc. This is all pretty important information to know when you are adding a pet to your life.

We work very hard to find our dogs ''forever'' homes. Some people may not like the process, some may not like the rules, and some are thrilled to be able to accept a well mannered dog into their home.

Not everyone needs a pit bull, but every pit bull wants someone.

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My name is Stephanie O'Brien. I'm an animal lover and enjoy volunteering. I have combined those passions into providing a temporary home to animals that would otherwise be sitting in a shelter or worse, euthanized due to lack of room in a shelter. For the past two years I've fostered pit bull type dogs for a rescue in South Dakota. I've also had the opportunity to do some presentations on responsible pet ownership and have been involved in fighting breed specific legislation in SD and IA. I'm looking forward to providing the readers with animal related topics and possibly answer any questions you may have. Enjoy! Stephanie Sioux Empire Pit Rescue Volunteer
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