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Birthers and Balderdash

Posted Saturday, April 30, 2011, at 3:21 PM

Every politician in office has had to bear the brunt of attacks, many of which are quite ridiculous. But the Birther Movement has to take the cake as far as grasping at straws to delegitimize an elected official.

During the last presidential election, why was McCain not torn to shreds over his birth in Panama? Maybe I missed it, but I don't remember once it being demanded of him to provide additional proof of being an American citizen, despite him being born in a place that is most definitely not a state in the union.

Sadly, even with the release of his birth certificate, this debate isn't going to die. I rather enjoyed this version of Obama's birth certificate. I'm hoping that the Model Number/Robot thing takes off. That could be fun.

Hopefully now we can move on to issues that REALLY matter.

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You're all missing the point. This isn't a case of racism, it's partyism.

The 'birthers' and others who hate President Obama don't hate him because he's black, they hate him because he's a Democrat. If any other Democrat had been elected to this office, they would be treated with the same blind malevolence.

-- Posted by DHarris on Wed, May 4, 2011, at 8:08 PM

Leah you're just being silly. I never claimed that you did not vote for him because you are racist (in fact I never claimed you are racist at all). I perfectly understand that there are republicans and that they are not likely to vote for the democratic candidate (just like I usually do not vote for republicans). I also perfectly understand disagreements on policy. Neither of these makes one a racist. Discussing those disagreements and campaigning for the other candidate do not either. However, incessant attempts to deligitmize a president when the matter has been settled for several years (a la the birthers) smacks of racism.

-- Posted by DaveMunson on Wed, May 4, 2011, at 4:36 PM

If liberals want to claim that the reason we (Conservatives) didn't vote for him was because he is African-American then does that mean they (liberals) voted for him because he is? There are many African American people I would consider highly qualified for the job of President. I don't like his party, platform, or what they stand for. I also firmly believe that in order to be called Commander in Chief, you should have had to pass Basic Military Training like every other soldier under your command.

-- Posted by Leah Cauthron on Wed, May 4, 2011, at 10:51 AM

I agree with Dennis Kucinich on this one:


-- Posted by Gabe Licht on Tue, May 3, 2011, at 5:32 PM

Paul.Dalen said "McCain was born in the canal zone...an american territory...which qualifies. And he was born on a military installation...which also qualifies.

Not true. Being born on a military installation does not automatically make one a US citizen, nor does it make one a citizen of the host nation of that installation. You need to then prove that both parents are citizens and have the birth recorded in the host country (which is not usually an actual birth certificate, but it depends on the country). There is then an application for a record of birth abroad that is issued by the Dept of State out of an embassy or other office in a city in that country which replaces a state birth certificate. Unless those things sufficed at the time of McCain's birth, 80 some years ago.

-- Posted by notinia on Tue, May 3, 2011, at 2:46 PM

It seems that iowaskeptic is very set that this is only because of obamas race. It very well could be. I'm saying that not in all peoples eyes is that the only reason they were asking to see it. I would also like to make sure that someone somewhere is verifying this information. Not because they are black, white, hispanic or whatever else. I LOVE the idea of ANY kind of president as long as they can do a good job.

-- Posted by AshlyMeyer on Mon, May 2, 2011, at 7:40 PM

President Obama provided a birth certificate years ago, but that was not enough to satisfy the "birthers". Whether you agree with his policies or not, the issue of his birthplace was just ridiculous - it had already been settled. The birthers wanted to delegitimize his presidency - and I believe it was because they could not stomach the idea that a black man actually held the office.

-- Posted by DaveMunson on Sun, May 1, 2011, at 9:47 PM

Not all people who are not in favor of obama and/or wanted to see an official birth record are racist. I myself don't necessarily care for obama but Im far from racist. I think because he is black/dark people are real quick to blame race as a reason someone else might not like him. I do believe that all those running for president should have to prove any and all qualifications. And even if someone didnt care for obama doesnt mean they were excited about other canidates either. I am VERY aware that there is STILL lots of racism in america today, but I also believe some cry racism when it might not be the case. I'm sure there are some that don't like obama because they are racism but not all. Just the same as some blacks don't like the other canidates due to them being white. To me to keep tossing around the race issue is a waste of time. some people will be racist regardless of who is in office while others wont. There isnt a whole lot that we can do about it, but elect who we each feel is best qualified and let that persons work prove itself.

-- Posted by AshlyMeyer on Sun, May 1, 2011, at 8:06 PM

I had really hoped that we were beyond that in this country. It's very, very sad.

-- Posted by stafinois on Sun, May 1, 2011, at 1:44 PM

Aimee, the focus is on the community organizer because the only other focus is race and Obama detractors don't like to complain about that in public.

-- Posted by DaveMunson on Sun, May 1, 2011, at 11:48 AM

Leah, why the focus on him once being a community organizer? He did also spent 11 years in the state/US senate.

Did you approve more of the baseball team manager that became president? Are you a fan of the beauty queen and sportcaster? Are you hoping that the reality show host (with mob ties in his casinos) runs for president?

-- Posted by stafinois on Sun, May 1, 2011, at 10:46 AM

McCain was born in the canal zone...an american territory...which qualifies. And he was born on a military installation...which also qualifies.

But your point is valid...it was a non-issue. But the Birther outrage was never about where the President was born...it was about finding something...anything...to discredit his entire presidency. It's racist, as is the new 'question he needs to answer'...whether he was academically qualified to attend Harvard. The implication being that he was accepted because he was black...not because of personal merit.

Come to think of it, why didn't anyone ask this question of the previous President? He was manifestly NOT academically qualified to attend Yale Law, but I guess rich white men have always had different admission requirements.

-- Posted by Paul.Dalen on Sat, Apr 30, 2011, at 6:36 PM

Yeah whether or not a community activist can actually run the government...nope he can't.

-- Posted by Leah Cauthron on Sat, Apr 30, 2011, at 3:48 PM

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