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No Jobs were Created with the Writing of this Blog

Posted Saturday, January 16, 2010, at 11:41 PM

I was pretty excited when the Daily Reporter started offering the option to comment on stories, and even more impressed when people started actively posting. It's nice to be able to discuss local issues and events with other locals, or even non-residents that care about Spencer, IA for whatever reason.

I'm not one that has often been accused of having a positive outlook. In fact, I tend to be sarcastic. The cartoon character that I relate to most is Eeyore. But even with my often gloomy outlook, I can't believe how negative things have gotten in the story comments lately.

I'm sure that you have all seen the stories. Anything that pertains to city improvements, building construction, anything that costs more than a candy bar, or Dewey the cat seems to really bring out the complainers. And, most do their complaining hiding behind a screen name.

Yeah, jobs aren't easy to come by lately. But, really, does that need to be brought up constantly on stories that have nothing to do with businesses leaving town? Does needed updating of city lighting, renovating buildings, and supporting local artists really mean that city officials don't care if there are jobs? And in the Dewey Wars, I'm still not sure if the people causing the biggest stirs in those stories actually love or hate animals.

There ARE ways to get your opinion across, and maybe even get city officials to take notice. I would bet that some of them even read the postings on this website. Heck, perhaps even people from prospective companies thinking of relocating to the area read these. I'm not sure that the anonymous chantings of "This town sucks, now give me a high paying job" are the most effective way of persuading either.

I get negative sometimes, too. I used to live in a big, beautiful city that had everything. But now, I have to drive two hours to get to a Starbucks, Target, or Macy's. It's been years since I've eaten any decent Japanese food. I miss my friends, family, and clubs that I belonged to. But, I also dealt with a lot more crime. Once I came home from work to find that my block was taped off as a crime scene because a lady was found murdered up the street. Sometimes it took me two hours or more for my 20 some mile commute to and from work. Spencer really does have some advantages!

Perhaps we can improve this community by educating ourselves on the issues, and then conveying them in a mature and constructive way to our peers and city officials. Think of positive things that you can do to impact the community, and do it. Attend a city council meeting when they are discussing something that you don't agree with. It's hard to take somebody seriously when all they are is a whiny anonymous screen name.

Just remember, it could be worse than being a resident of Spencer, IA. You could live in Port-au-Prince.

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-- Posted by notinia on Sun, Jan 17, 2010, at 1:48 AM

Totally with you on this one!

-- Posted by kriskay on Sun, Jan 17, 2010, at 5:01 PM

*applauding next to notinia*

-- Posted by jusamom on Sun, Jan 17, 2010, at 8:14 PM

Beautiful Aimee! Very well said.

-- Posted by _Samantha_ on Mon, Jan 18, 2010, at 3:10 PM

Thank you Aimee. We have to remember that businesses create jobs, not government, and businesses have many choices as to where they invest their resources. Let's continue to make Spencer and the surrounding area as attractive as we can to residents and potential residents, visitors and businesses.

-- Posted by my3cats on Mon, Jan 18, 2010, at 7:15 PM

Well put Aimee ... it's just easier for some people to sit back and complain or have nothing but negative things to say, than actually going to meetings, getting involved, researching how to help make changes. (I'm just wondering why Molly P has not responded to this story when she seems to have something to say about every single other blog? Hmmmm). Just an observation.

-- Posted by monica_h on Tue, Jan 19, 2010, at 1:38 PM

Sorry, Monica, but I've been busy doing end of year bookwork. I just read this today. I am open to suggestions as to how to encourage the city to meet with the local larger businesses to make sure the city is doing everything it can to keep jobs in Spencer. I'd really love some ideas (not being sarcastic here). As to changing expenditures, well, once it's done it's done. All I can do is say that I would have liked something else done.

I've been thinking about all of you guys and your ideas that I should shut up unless I have something happy to say. I've decided that my strong opinions come from my upbringing; not just my home, but my home town. I'm from a town of 25,000 people (miniscule by California standards). Our town was famous, famous, famous for letter writing campaigns. Before the internet, it was nothing for people in the town to write letters to businesses and their home offices when something didn't agree with them.

Letters to the editor were very common (still are). Those letters usually weren't to thank someone for doing smoething nice. They lambasted everything in sight. You know what? Those letters got things changed. One national gas station pulled out of town after 25 years in business because there were so many complaints about how they didn't take checks. The city right now is getting "trashed" by everyone because of how they handled a recycling contract. Hundreds and hundred of people have written about this stuff.

I figure the "nice" stuff with the "nice" stories about how everything is all terriffic all the time and people are all swell must be an Iowa thing.

Therefore, I give up. I can't fight city hall if I have to change the whole culture of the town. If you guys want your sweet paper to whisper sweet nothings in your ear, then you have at it.

I like you guys, but you guys win. You don't want my opinion and that's fine.

And, is Molly Weasley really a "whiny" name? I love the Harry Potter books, and I really like how her family is the most important thing in her life. But I guess Spencer doesn't like HP either.

Bye all

-- Posted by Molly Weasley on Tue, Jan 19, 2010, at 3:11 PM

You mean there is/was a whole city filled with hundreds if not thousands of "Molly's" that go out of their way to complain about things? I don't know if that's sad or wildly hilarious. I just hope I don't accidentally live there someday.

-- Posted by D_Louis on Tue, Jan 19, 2010, at 4:50 PM

Why yes, I do hate Harry Potter. I hate all books, really, but the Harry Potter series in particular. As a result of my extreme hatred, I work in a library and have a dog named Harry, because I love to surround myself with things that I despise.

And for the record, I do not think that the name "Molly Weasley" is whiny, but I find it odd that you would have chosen her name to use. When things that she stood against began to happen, she joined the Order of the Phoenix and did something about it. She didn't write anonymously to The Daily Prophet and Witch Weekly to constantly complain with no alternative suggestions. That seems more like Petunia Dursley's style.

All kidding aside, do you take everything so personally? Do you really think that this is all about you? Last I checked, there are a good deal of posters on this website, and very few of them use their names.

Nobody is saying that everything has to be all rainbows and unicorns, but there are ways to go about getting your point across without everybody thinking that you are full of hot air. Referring to things as a waste of money or load of crap is more likely to alienate than bring to your way of thinking. The best way to influence city officials and your peers is to offer polite constructive criticism, and then offer an educated argument for how you feel things could be done differently. For example, when city council was planning to do something that I strongly disagreed with, I went to their next two meetings, and spoke at both with my side of the issue. Alternatives to what was proposed were also offered. Things might not have gone the the way that all of us on our side of the issue had we walked in accusing city council of being full of crap but not educating ourselves on the issues.

I do believe that cosmetic improvements to the city has the potential to pay off in the long run. If you were a prospective business owner looking to relocate or expand, would you choose the run down looking place, or the pretty town? I think that's obvious.

-- Posted by stafinois on Tue, Jan 19, 2010, at 7:18 PM

Once again, Aimee, couldn't have said it better myself.

-- Posted by notinia on Wed, Jan 20, 2010, at 9:24 AM


Because of the state of our nation's economy hundreds of people in this small city have lost their jobs. Some devoted their lives to the industries that decided to outsource, and they're ranting out of frustration and fear.

-- Posted by brian48 on Fri, Jan 22, 2010, at 12:23 PM

Brian, the point is that there are times and places that it's appropriate. Do you consistently read the comments on various articles? It can be an article that has nothing to do with the economy or job losses and somehow that is what it becomes, typically in the way of blaming city officials for not caring about jobs.

Yes, the economy is a concern. But, believe it or not, the world keeps turning and other things are happening, too. I think that it is appropriate to discuss the economy and job losses in stories that pertain to job losses and the economy. But do we really need constant barrages of vitriol about the town whenever it is announced that the city has or will spend more than a couple of bucks on something? I think that several regular posters would like the city to just fall into disarray while city council does a "Bring More Jobs" dance routine until some major employers move into town.

-- Posted by stafinois on Fri, Jan 22, 2010, at 1:44 PM

I agree. Stay on topic to the article. I was simply giving my opinion as to why the posters are posting off topic.

-- Posted by brian48 on Mon, Jan 25, 2010, at 10:38 PM

I used to suspect "Molly Weasley" of being the nom de plume of one of the other bloggers here, who happens to be the mother of a bunch of boys and one girl, similar to Molly, but then I realized that L.C. tells it like it is using her own name, so why would she want or need a secret identity?

I think you have to love our fellow Spencerians and part of loving them is loving the Eeyore sensibilities.

-- Posted by AmyPeterson on Tue, Jan 26, 2010, at 3:22 PM

For all the people in Spencer that have lost their job it sucks, I know all to well I'm one of them. I look at this as a chance to start over. Maybe get the education i didnt get as a young adult.

We are Americans, and no one can take that from us. As an American we have the resources to pull together and get a fresh start, but we need everyone (employed or not) to do something about this. When our country first started everyone worked together and made this country what it is today. I guess what I'm saying is that nothing will hapen if you just sit around and wait for god jobs to come around. Do something bout it weather it be getting and education or becoming active in the city and attend coucil meetings.

-- Posted by trav78 on Mon, Feb 8, 2010, at 10:19 AM

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