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Sunday, Sep. 21, 2014
The Beginning of my Life Part 1

2014 Artisans Road Trip Artist Karen Ruddy - Working at the Grotto of the Redemption this Past Summer!

Bundle up, buttercup

A weeks worth of food reviews

Just desserts

A note about living at the fair

Loch Ness Burger

Dark meat

First things first

2014 A.R.T. Artist is September Exhibition Cove Artist at a Piece Of Work, INC.

Relax and Smile

Two 2014 Artisans Road Trip Artists at the "Paint the Iowa Great Lakes" Plein Air Painting Exhibition!

2014 Artisans Road Trip Artist Bill Lieb - "The Birder" Sculpture Dedication

Take Action!

Expunging a Criminal Record is Like Unringing a Bell

Skate Park Dilemma

Life changes

New youth fad - setting yourself on fire

A quick review of 'Lucy'

The Dome Theater AT SPL!

Great stories to tell

Always interesting

2014 Artisans Road Trip Artist Marisa Sidles Opens Studio During RAGBRAI!

C4L & Associates

2014 A.R.T. Artist - Timothy J. Arand-McIlrath in "Past and Future" Exhibition - Ruth Davis Design Gallery, University of Wisconsin - Madison,WI

We won! Let's make Spencer Shareable!

Police Must Obtain A Search Warrant Before Searching Cell Phones

2014 A.R.T. Artist Bruce Morrison at Neal Smith's J.N. "Ding" Darling Art Gallery!

Upcoming June Events @ SPL

June Events At SPL.

Bloggers Wanted
The Daily Reporter is seeking a number of bloggers who would be interested in sharing their insight or offering their opinions on any number of areas - from business to education to government to music - The Daily Reporter wants to hear from you. If there is a particular area where you have some particular knowledge, and have always wanted a way to share that information and dialogue with others, consider being a Daily Reporter blogger. If interested, contact The Daily Reporter Managing Editor Randy Cauthron at news@spencerdailyreporter.com. Have photos or video of a special activity, event or situation? Send them to The Daily Reporter and we'll post them on the website for all of our readers to enjoy. Depending on the event or activity, some might make it in the paper. It's just one more way for our readers to interact with others in the community.